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                              About Us

                              Located in Shunde District , Foshan City, Guangdong province, Foshan Scien Group insists on the concept of honest, development, supereminent, and innovation. With the strategies of Scientific, diversification, socialization, and internationalization, Scien group has built up a unique development way on industrialization, large-scale production and diversified products. Through holding, sharing, and direct investment, Scien group has successfully became a comprehensive enterprise group combined with investment,  industry, real estate, logistic, mining and trade. As the leading company, Scien investment management Co., Ltd responsible for the fund management and strategies’ coordinating and planning. By the support from government and communities, Scien group has been awarded “High-tech enterprise of Guangdong Province”,“National Key New Product Project” and “National Torch Plan Project” through technology innovation and constant optimization.

                              The brief introductions of the main invested and share holding companies of Scien Group:

                              Scien investment management Co., Ltd. is responsible for the fund management and strategies’ coordinating and planning.


                              JIN CHENG Fine Materials Co., Ltd. was put into production on May 2013. Equipped with the most advanced machineries in the world and higher roller production technology, Scien become one of the largest roller manufacturers in the world. In more than 20years development, Scien keep serving the ceramic factories with the most innovative technologies, stable quality products and effective service. From the series of S75 to S98, Scien continuously ensures the stable tile production with higher and stable quality ceramic rollers. 

                              Guangdong Ho's Mechanical Manufacturing Co., a leading manufacturer of heavy vehicle axle assembly and suspension system. Ho's has several patent technologies and being awarded with “National Key Product” and “Hi-Tech Enterprise” in Guangdong Province.

                              FOSHAN XING XING SCIEN Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd. is one of the share holding companies in real estate investment under Scien Group. 


                              Foshan SCIEN Aluminum Co.,Ltd. is specialized in aluminum foil materials R&D and manufacturing under Scien Group. SCIEN Aluminum Co.,Ltd. is the qualified company in “National High-Tech Enterprises”. 


                              Foshan Keli Property Management Co., Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of Scien Group, which is specialized in processing stainless steel and providing logistic service.


                              Hebei Chicheng mining Co., Ltd. is one of the share companies specialized in mine R &D under Scien Group. 
                              Foshan Huanqiu Hydraulic Equipments Co., Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries companies under Scien Group. Grown out from Huanzhong Hydraulic pipe & fitting factory established in 1989, Huanqiu Hydraulic Equipments Co., founded in 1994. With a complete service of manufacture, management, technical consultation and after sale service,   Foshan Huanqiu Hydraulic Equipments Co., Ltd consists of Huanzhong Hydraulic machineries factory and Huanqiu Hydraulic equipments service department.

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